Kabuki brush

What is Kabuki Brush?

Kabuki Brush Overview:

The word “kabuki” has begun to take part in the beauty vocabulary since mineral makeup came into our lives since it is the best way to apply it. We had said that when we talk about professional makeup, we have to take special care using it; well then, kabuki brushes are specialized to achieve the perfect look.

Kabuki brushes are also successfully used to apply a wide variety of powders such as loose powder, pressed powder, translucent powder, shimmer powder, and fine powder or blush.

Among the most famous kabuki brush brands are MAC, BOBBI BROWN, and SEPHORA, but if you are used to shopping online, you can always find affordable and good kabuki brushes from brands like ALIMA or BARE ESCENTUALS, which manufacture mineral makeup.

Probably you have already seen a kabuki brush before, it has short, numerous bristles, and they are used to apply liquid makeup as well as powdered.

These brushes are a necessary element in everybody’s cosmetic bag, which is interested in high quality or professional makeup, due to its great variety of uses. Because they will always help you in several steps of your makeup routine, without any doubt, they are a good investment.

If you still do not know what a kabuki brush can make for you, here, we will give you five fabulous kabuki brush tips to learn how to make up yourself to have a professional look.


In this case, kabuki brushes for liquid foundations have a flat base. How can we use it? Give some delicate hints with the product on your face and blend it with circular movements, that way, you will be ready in less than five minutes and with a natural coverage: something quite simple and fast.

We recommend using a kabuki brush with dense synthetic bristles for a flawless finish, like F80 FLAT KABUKI by SIGMA BEAUTY, highly recommended for cheeks and forehead.


The kabuki brush design will always allow you to apply a significant quantity of makeup on your face without any effort; for this reason, you need to press the brush softly in the powder, and right after eliminating the excess, in this way, you will be able to look fabulous without an overload of makeup.

If you applied too much color, another good tip is to clean the brush and blend the makeup smoothly repeatedly until it gives you a natural appearance.

An excellent way to spread the powder in your face for a natural look, it is always good to apply them in a spiral shape movement.


The bronzer is a type of compact powder mainly in orange and light brown colors that provides your skin a bronzed tone. They are used to highlight the facial features or to achieve a golden natural look.

To apply the bronzer with a kabuki brush is very simple: tap the kabuki brush in the powder and slightly remove the excess; this way, the bronzer will not be muddy or very excessive when you apply it, now it is time to focus on blushing or spreading the powder on your face with circular movements.

Do not forget to apply your bronzer on your temples, cheeks, T zone (nose, chin), jaw, and neck.


The kabuki brush, as we have seen, can help you a lot to sculpt, shape, and highlight your cheeks; this is why it is necessary to impregnate the brush with some blush, and smoothly hint it to release the excess, then smile and blend it with circle movement.

We highly recommend using the LARGE POWDER BRUSH by SIGMA BEAUTY because its bristles will give you a better natural look.


One of the most popular beauty techniques nowadays is baking, but what is it about? Well, once you have finished with your makeup routine, apply a layer of extra corrector and translucent powder in that order. When you leave them on your skin for a few minutes, they will make your makeup fuse with your skin, providing you better coverage, and it will stay with you for a longer time.

A kabuki brush will not only help you to apply in a better way translucent powder, but it will remove the extra makeup that would remain on your face.

Ready! Follow these beauty tips so you can always look amazing.

Finally, we recommend you not to spend too much money when buying piece by piece. You can always find makeup kits with a wide variety of kabuki brush sizes at affordable, cheap, or adjustable prices for your budget.



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