The Idea Behind Makeup Brush Sanitizers

Gorgeous makeup brushes add life to makeup products, and together they create magic, but the reverse can happen if we do not understand how important it is to keep our brushes pathogen-free. Clogged with pollution, dirt, debris, sebum, dead skin cells, and weeks-old beauty products, makeup brushes are being underestimated in their value.

To tackle this issue, we searched the market for the availability of such products that can help us sanitize our makeup brushes without taking much of our time and space. And we stumbled upon a UV Light-based makeup brush sanitizer. That uses Ultraviolet light to disinfect the makeup brushes and kills 99.99% of the germs via UV germicidal light. With zero harm to health, it can be our best solution to address skin and hygiene-related concerns.

Let us check out the details:

Hope C+ UVC LED Sterilizing Beauty Storage Portable Case :

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This makeup brush sanitizer by Hope C+ brand is the best hassle-free idea to sanitize your smudged and infected makeup brushes. It kills up to 99.9% of the germs and delivers sterilized and ready-to-use makeup brushes. It works faster and easier.

Uses Germicidal Ultraviolet Light: 

This Sanitizer case uses Ultraviolet Type C light on makeup brushes that kill harmful bacteria and viruses by striking their DNA, leaving them dead. 8 UVC light beads inside the sanitizer case lid give off 265 nm wavelength to achieve thorough disinfection.

Glass Bottomed Sanitizing Case: 

The makeup brush sanitizer, engineered most racially, has a glass bottom that reflects the Ultraviolet light to the makeup brushes, making sure every angle of the makeup brushes gets exposed to the light and gets sterilized.

Safe and Easy To Lift:

The case has a smart auto-off feature that shutdown the case if you lift the lid, guaranteeing your complete safety and protection. The lightweight and compact design makes it a perfect travel partner and can be placed in automobiles for straightaway disinfection of your items.

An All in One Case: 

This sanitation case is versatile and can almost disinfect all everyday items such as goggles, car keys, face masks, beauty sponges, mobile phones, nail cutters, filers, and currency notes.

Sleek Design: 

With its smooth and chic design, just under the dimensions of 8.5 x 4.1 x 2.8 inches, makeup brush sanitizer case is a perfect match for your elegant space.

Stress-free Application: 

The application is simple. Place clean and air-dried makeup brushes in the case and close the lid. Plug the case in and press the ON button. Once your brushes are sanitized, it will stop on its own. And it’s all done

Beutii Professional UV Light Sanitizer Box :

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Beutii’s Professional Makeup Brush Sanitizer is the best pick when it comes to making makeup brushes germ-free. It clears 99.9% of the germs with its super-fast Double Ozone Sterilization technique. It does a more effective and in-depth sanitization in just 8 minutes.

Uses Double Ozone Sterilization Technique:

This sanitizer box has an in-built technology that sterilizes the brushes with Ozone and UV light. Double Sterilization imparts that once your brushes have been disinfected with UV light of 265 nm wavelength, Ozone does the second sterilization.

The dual effect created by UV and Ozone can clear out 99.9% of the bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms. Ozone, due to its oxidizing properties, also makes brushes in odorous, leaving behind clean and lush brushes.

UV Light Reflecting Mirror: 

The Beutii’s sanitizer box has an attached glass with its lid that reflects most of the UV to the brushes, decontaminating every part of the brushes. Every nook or corner gets the right exposure.

Large Capacity and Light indicator:

260 X 150 X100 mm dimensions allow the makeup brush sanitizer to accommodate more items in one sitting so you now can disinfect all your collection at once. In the case’s front, the push-button has a Light indicator that when turns green shows that the sanitization process has begun and turns red, it displays that it’s time to take makeup brushes out.

Packaging includes:

The complete set comprises 1x Makeup Brush Sanitizer Case, 1x User Manual for your guidance, and 1x USB Cable.

Easy to Operate:

Plugin the case through its USB cord, place the makeup brushes inside the case and close the cover. Turn the power button ON, and the indicator light will turn green. Wait for 8 minutes. Once the light shifts from green to red, collect the clean and ready brushes to work their magic.

The Beginners Guide to Makeup Brush Sanitizer

Why is it important?

I guess we all are guilty of tossing our expensive makeup brushes here and there when in a hurry, only to pick them up once we get back from our busy schedules or if you’re a makeup artist, you must be constantly surrounded by different people and a hand full of unwashed and infected makeup brushes to work your magic with.

And clearly, we cannot blame anyone for the entire jerk that goes into the brushes when we are working with them. Bacteria love moisture, and improperly dried brushes allow bacteria to grow and spread fast.

It doesn’t end here. Infected makeup brushes can start an allergic reaction to the skin; create skin sensitivities, pinkeye, acne, and more breakouts. Yes, puss-filled eruptions too! Be it a makeup product, makeup brush, beauty sponge, or pretty much anything that you touch can have loads of micro-organisms on it that have the potential to cause severe damage to your skin and hygiene.

If you do not want to experience the painful visits to the dermatologists, you better wash and disinfect your makeup brushes on time. It is suggested that makeup brushes be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected twice a week to minimize infection chances.

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What is makeup brush sanitizer?

Makeup brush sanitizer is a sanitizing case that disinfects your beauty and day-to-day things to make them germ-free. It uses UV light with germicidal properties and kills up to 99.9% of germs off the brushes within minutes. You might not be sure about whether or not it’s safe. I can understand. Even though I had second thoughts before laying my hands on it, the sanitizing case was completely safe and easy to use. If someone accidentally opens the case, it shuts down UV Light automatically, so no worries if you have children around.

It doesn’t damage the quality of the brushes, instead increases the longevity. Plus, you can also disinfect any personal item that you may suspect is contaminated with viruses and germs such as money.

How to use makeup brush sanitizer?     

It’s easy to operate. Place washed and air-dried makeup brushes inside the sanitizing case and close the lid. With the help of a USB cord, plug the case in the socket. Now press the ON button present on the outer side of the case. Wait for 8 minutes, until the green indicator light turns red, showing that the operation cycle has completed and brushes are ready to be used again. Get your brushes out and create makeup looks that inspire you.

What do you need to get started? 

A makeup sanitizer case, and that’s pretty much it. Hover over to the link to make your move towards a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Tips for getting most out of makeup brush sanitizer

To get most of the makeup brush sanitizer, do not place wet or half-dried brushes in the case. Sanitation is more efficient when the items are dry.

  • Keep one sanitizer at home and one in your car so you can disinfect anytime, anywhere.
  • Sterilize your makeup essentials, twice a week.
  • Handle the case with clean hands to maintain the classic texture.

Clean the reflective glass inside the case with a soft cloth after every use to keep it scratch-free so that it reflects more UV light to the items.

The Last Thing you need to know about makeup brush sanitizer

 is that it’s a disinfectant and not a dryer. It is not designed to dry or blow moisture out of wet makeup brushes. It should be avoided. It can also minimize the effectiveness of the sanitizer. It is structured to sanitize the brushes and make them germ-free to stop the transmission of bacteria from brush to face.


Your busy schedule and the long list of chores might pull you back from prioritizing yourself, but in the final analysis, health is all that matters. Take 20 minutes out of your busy routine for yourself, clean your space, get the junk out of your vanity, sterilize your makeup brushes, assemble your makeup and brush collection. Voila! You are all set for the next week. Now follow your favorite makeup tutorials without a doubt and grow yourself up.

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