Sigma beauty most wanted brush set

Sigma Most Wanted Brush Set Review

Sigma Beauty is an innovative cosmetics company specializing in the brushes of makeup and brush care accessories. They mad so many kinds of brushes on display. They do not only look luxe but also soft with their bristles made from high-quality synthetic fibers.

You can also purchase these makeup brushes and use these brushes regularly. Always try to buy a cost-effective brush set and put them in a significant way in your brush collection.

Set of sigma most wanted brushes

are highly recommended for you to get the smooth makeup look. This best brush set contains five brushes. These brushes are chosen from the sigma’s top-selling brushes by fellow beauty lovers. These brushes are one of the best and first makeup brushes you will use for perfect results. Here is the full review of these amazing makeup brushes.

In this article, you will go through each brush in the set that what is designed for and how to use them.

Sigma Beauty Makeup Company

Sigma beauty makeup has the most innovative, high-performance beauty tools you can have in your collection. Cosmetics of Sigma beauty makeup are loved by the artists and the lover of beauty over the world.

Every brush for any purpose has come with a 2-year guarantee. So, get ready to take your skills to the next level. This company does not have only brushes. Also, they produce a lot of products of makeup. They produce high performance and a high range of cosmetics.

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E25 – Blending

Control the blending. Blend the colors on your eyelid with some added control.

How to use it?

This brush is a perfect brush used to mix the eye shadows to create a beautifully blended eye look. You will use it to apply the shadows, or even light or clean over the shadows to blend and soften.


E30 – Pencil

It helps to make soften and smoke outlines. Soften pencil liner along the upper and lower lash lines.

How to use it?

Pencil brushes are ideally used for softening the lash lines. After applying the eyeliner and eye shadow, take a pencil brush, smoke them out, and ease the harsh lines. You can also use it precisely to apply eye shadows o the brow bone.


E40 – Tapered Blending

Used to the Soft blended crease. Use its tip to apply the eye color, sweep back and forth through the crease to get the diffused blended finish.

How to use it?

Use this brush to blend the eye shadow into the crease and just above from the transition shade.


F35 – Tapered Highlighter

Use this brush to get subtle highlighting. Apply the highlighter on the upper area of contours on the face. Finished it and diffused to gives a natural glow to your skin.

How to use it?

This brush is perfect for dusting the powder highlighters on the upper area of the cheekbones. It can easily pick up the shadow and place it on the skin to get a beautiful look.


F80 – Flat Kabuki

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Use this brush to apply the liquid or cream items on the flat area of the face. Flat areas such as the forehead and your cheeks.

How to Use it?

This brush is ideal for applying the liquid and cream products on your face. You can easily use the foundation on your face with this brush. Blend out seamlessly creams and also contour shadows. Keep in mind that blend into your hairline to get a natural and beautiful look.


Qualities of Brushes

These sigma fiber brushes come in a pack of five brushes. They can do it all your needs, such as eyes and face makeup. The brushes are made with exclusive synthetic and antimicrobial fibers. Brushes are also durable, corrosion-resistant, SigmaAlloy ferrules. Precious metal plating for the shine and strength.

Brushes are working for an E4-tapered brush that is best for blending the harsh color lines. E30-pencil brush is excellent for soften the liner lash line. The F35-tapered brush is used to apply and blend the highlighter.

You can highlight your upper area of contour on the face. E25-blending brush is a fantastic thing to apply and mix eye shadow colors. F80-Flat kabuki crush is another perfect brush to achieve an airbrushed foundation finish.


These brushes are available for sale online. You can check Amazon to buy these most wanted brushes to have a perfect makeup look. Brushes may be a little bit costly, but they are excellent for use.

Once you buy them, you will never need to purchase other local makeup brushes. Put them in your brush collection. Its value is excellent when you buy them in a pack. If you are going to buy each brush separately, it would be costly for you.

Also, clean your brushes regularly so they will last years and continue to perform as you bought them yesterday.

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