Is Makeup Geek Vegan?

Is Makeup Geek Vegan?

Makeup Geek is a trendy brand serving for many years to give natural and skin-friendly support to users. This is a brand known for its cruelty-free and vegan products all across the globe. Marlena introduces it to serve makeup lovers with unique and skin-supportive makeup products. This brand is committed to creating high-quality and animal-friendly products. That is why they have the PETA certification to ensure quality and satisfaction simultaneously.
Many market options are filled with false claims, but makeup geek has no such things because it is made cruelty-free. The manufacturer did not test any product on animals. Their labs, professionals, and all the fixings are natural, well-researched, and free of animal testing. They are making cruelty-free products that also make them 100% vegan.
They have utilized vegan components involving animal byproducts such as milk, lanolin, carmine, honey, or royal jelly to make their makeup products. The best thing about makeup geek is that they are vegan and made with PETA certification that synergistically functions to deliver healthy and pretty skin. They have been working with many authorities to rule the cosmetic industry with their competitive makeup suite.

Some Makeup Geek Vegan Products

There are many products made by the manufacturer that helps you to enjoy healthy and beautiful skin. This list includes the vegan products of Makeup Geek that can be used for makeup according to your needs and requirements. All these products are 100% vegan and skin-friendly. Here they are:

Foiled Eyeshadows

It has the Flame Thrower, Grandstand, Illuminaughty, In The Spotlight, Legend, Medieval, Mystical, and Starry Eyed in this category.

Powder Pigments

There are Corrupt, Dynamic, Potential, Tenacious, Transform, and White Lies for pigment powder.


It includes Sweet Dreams and Utopia.

Duochrome Pigments

These kinds of pigments have Chameleon, Insomnia, Kaleidoscope, Mood Ring, Prism, and Sugar Rush for users.

Foiled Pigments

It has Abracadabra, Atlantis, Gargoyle, Intermission, Supernatural, Tin Man, and Voodoo.


It has Asteroid, Aurora, Constellation, Dark Matter, Light Year, Meteor Shower, Milky Way, Satellite, Solar Flare, Solstice, and Supernova.


You can have Bliss, Chivalry, Desire, Passion, Spellbound, and Summer Fling.

Single Highlighters

It offers Luster, Sunlight, Ignite, Psychedelic, and Electrify.


This category has Burnished, Sunkissed, and Tawny.

Foiled Lip Gloss

You can use Backstage, Drumroll, Groupie, Mixtape, Replay, Set List, Vinyl, and VIP.


It has Candid, Clumsy, Elegant, Feisty, Giddy, Gullible, Lively, Naive, Offbeat, Proper, Quirky, Rare, Risque, Saucy, Savvy, Shady, Shy, Spoiled, Vain and Witty.

Plush Mattes

There are different matters such as Bachelorette, Beach Bunny, Beauty Queen, Boss Lady, Chatterbox, Cougar, Daredevil, Goodie Two-Shoes, Marriage Material, Misfit, Party Girl, Plain Jane, Rocker Chick, Smarty Pants, Soccer Mom, Tomboy, Urbanista, and Wild Child.

Plush Creme

It has the BFF, Free Spirit, Jetsetter, Old Soul, Prankster, Socialite, Trailblazer, Trophy Wife, Trouble Maker.


This may have Arabesque, Bunny Hop, Cha Cha, Charleston, Curtsey, Do-Si-Do, Electric Slide, Flamenco, Foxtrot, Grapevine, Jitterbug, Mambo, Moonwalk, Quickstep, Salsa, Tango, Twerk, and Waltz.

Signature Eyeshadows

It has the Banana Split, Beach Please, Bedrock, Bellini, Bitten, Blue Me Away, Chickadee, Chocolate Wasted, Clean Slate, Code Blue, Coffee Before Talkee, Cupcake, Dark Roasted, Deja Brew, Enchanted Forest, Espresso Yourself, Had Me At Yellow, Honey Badger, Latte, As Usual, Mint To Be, Morocco, Olive You, Prim and Proper, Seas The Day, Shimma Shimma, Smoke Signal, So Pale, Spilled Tea, Take For Granite, Tiki Hut, Time Travel, and Vanilla Bean.

Healing Lip Glaze

You can enjoy the Creamsicle Delight, Pink Bubbly, and Sangria.
Makeup Geek offers all these products. They have made them without any harmful component. It has synthetic animal byproducts. There is no issue about its making, ingredients, and functioning. Additionally, all of these products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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