How to clean makeup brushes

How To Clean Makeup Brushes?

Let’s face it; one of the things we beauty addicts like to do the least is to clean makeup brushes. However, we know that this is something we have to do regularly, and for this reason, we want to give you all the right tools and tips to make this task as bearable as possible.

Why do we have to clean our makeup brushes?

We want to comment on the need to carry out this cleaning, as it is not something we say on a whim. We have to think that the makeup brushes also become a real nest of bacteria that, after all, we are rubbing in our face.

Just like we change our towels and wash them frequently, so do we have to do with our brushes since they can affect our skin to the point of creating infections in the worst case and our precious cosmetics. Even if you think that we are overacting, this is the truth; for example, the bases of makeup can wear out our brushes. Besides that, our makeup’s quality will not be as good if we do it with a clean or a dirty one.

If the brushes are appropriately cared for, they can last for years, so we also save money. It would only be necessary to change them when the sows begin to lose their shape, become weak, or look bad. However, if they are cared for properly, they can last for an extended period. 

In this way, depending on the type of brush and what we use them for, the frequency of washing them will vary: for example, in the case of the brushes we use for liquid products, such as makeup bases, it would be advisable to do it every week because they are the ones that accumulate more product and the ones that drag more dirt. If we talk about the brushes with which we apply powders, at least every fifteen days, and if we talk about the shadow brushes, it depends on the frequency of use, but once a month would be enough.

How to clean makeup brushes with soap and water

Therefore, the first of the classic systems is one of the most used to clean our makeup brushes. Yes, something as simple as that. We have to use neutral soap as possible, especially for brushes and warm water. 

If you love using natural fiber brushes, it is recommendable to use mild makeup brush cleaners since they are much more delicate.

If we are dealing with synthetic hairbrushes, we can even use dishwasher soaps that eliminate the excess of makeup faster and more effectively. However, it is better to do it gently. 

The technique to do it is effortless since we wet them, apply the soap, and make circles in hand. If we have any cleaning gloves, it makes our work much easier since they have stretch marks that help us remove the accumulated product more easily. However, if we do not have anything, we can achieve the same effects (even if it takes a little longer). 

You can also fill a container with warm water, add the soap, and clean inside the brushes, always circular movements. This is a great way to do it, but you will always have to rinse with clean water until you have removed all the dirt. 

Then we would only have to remove the excess moisture delicately and dry them.

To dry them, lay them down, but without the bristles touching anything, it would be a good idea to do it on the edge of a table, or laying them on a clean towel would be more than enough. Depending on the temperature or the type of brush, time will vary to dry; if you see that it could take longer, it is better to use the first option to avoid moisture accumulation and produce mold. 

How to clean brushes with oil

Another technique for cleaning our brushes, especially those used for bases or concealers, is to use an oil. We can use an oil-based product that undoes the makeup product more quickly, since sometimes, some products are more resistant, and the soap could not be enough to remove the product.

We have several oil types that we can use, such as olive oil, almond oil, or any other similar. The best way is to pour some of the oil on an absorbent paper towel or an ordinary towel (although it must be washed afterward), and then clean the brush delicately over the product, so little by little it will come undone. We can move on to cleaning with soap to finish, in the same way, that we have mentioned before. 

Yes, it is expensive, especially in time; however, it is good to take care of your brushes since you will not have to insist on the soap.

Is it necessary to disinfect the brushes more often?

If we have a good routine washing our brushes assiduously in the way we have indicated, it would not be necessary because we eliminate the bacteria. However, some recommend also applying other products to makeup brushes. 

In this case, we can also disinfect and sanitize them with a makeup brush sanitizers or by applying a dash of alcohol,  if necessary, use reduced vinegar with water in a bowl, which we will have to rinse well after having them soaking for few minutes, or if necessary, use specific products that we can find on the market.

Other tips for cleaning makeup brushes.

Nowadays in the market, many gadgets like makeup brush cleaners and dryers can help us clean our sponges, makeup brushes, and other things that we use to make up ourselves, like the electric cleaner (16.49 euros) because it is one of the most demanded since it facilitates the work a lot.

Tips for caring for our brushes

In any case, the brushes must be clean and always dry. We will recommend that you do not use hair dryers or other direct heat sources. They are still best dried naturally. Bear in mind that they must be dried well before storing them vertically to avoid the metal parts they have in the union to be rusted. Think that makeup brushes are composed of several parts and that they all count. 

Using unnatural heat sources could cause the glue that binds the bristles to deteriorate and therefore loses hair. Likewise, it is not recommended to use boiling water when cleaning or even to leave them soaking.

Once they are dry, separate the bristles carefully with your fingers to be ready to use. All you have to do is put them away, either vertically in their jar or in their corresponding place. 

Now, we have to get to work and have our makeup brushes clean.



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