Handmade Japanese makeup brushes you need to try

The idea of low-cost brushes might sound great to ears and are easily accessible, but low-grade brushes are destined towards an unpleasant fate.

What is the use of a makeup brush if it does not fulfill the desired look’s needs and requirements?

The increasing influx of high-quality products in the beauty industry has increased competition exponentially. The drive to look effortless as a Beauty Guru is the ultimate adrenaline rush that people seek. High-quality Makeup brushes add life to makeup products. The elegant Strokes of the High-quality brushes show its silkiness and smoothness on the canvas of the face. The intricacy and uniqueness that goes into making a brush tell the tale of its refined heritage.

But truth be told, finding the right makeup brush can be a daunting task because many things go into choosing the right makeup brush or makeup brand for that matter! 

Luckily, Japan’s Kumano makeup brushes-Kumanofude is here, and it’s everything that you are looking for!

Kumano has been renowned for its brush-making artisans since the end of Japan’s Edo period (1603–1867) when Kumano farmers learned the art of making brushes as a side business. And the brush-making technique was developed some 160 years ago has made Kumano brushes one of the most celebrated and endorsed brushes today! The traditional artisan techniques of Kumanofude (Kumano brushes), are valued all over the world now.

Kumano Brush (Kumano Fude) Powder Brushes Chikuhodo AR20-4


This Kumano Powder Brush (Kumanofude) is assembled in Kumano, a region of Japan known for its brush-making technique for centuries. The Kumano Powder Brush is a handmade brush that, with its feather touch, will add a natural luster to your everyday look that lasts all day long.

Best for face powder application:

This brush is soft, full, and rounded and is ideal for all six types of face powders; Translucent Powder Finishing Powder, Mineral Powder, Pressed Compact Powder, Loose Powder, and Banana Powder. Kumano powder brush has more surface area that allows more contact with the skin and gives skin a soft, sheer coverage. Its loosely packed bristles can also be applied to use Bronzers. 

Goat hair bristles:  

The brush’s bristles are affordable Goat hair, and only high-quality first-cut goat hair goes into the making of Kumano Powder Brush. These natural animal fibers’ beauty is that they hold more powder in their bristles and blends out perfectly, and no product goes wasted. The slight natural unevenness to the tip allows the brush to make lighter contact with the face, ensuring a more cozy touch.

Lightweight and easy to use:

As light as 2.4 ounces, Kumano Powder Brush rides cleaner than a puff. The density and length of the hair are moderate and easy to use.

Aluminum ferrule:

The ferrule connects the brush head to the Kumano Powder Brush handle and holds the bristles in place with adhesive. The ferrule of the Kumano powder brush is made of aluminum, and to control corrosion, manufacturers nickel-plate the ferrule. Kumano powder brush is crimped to ensure that the bristles don’t splay or fan out from the brush and that the handle and bristles stay locked in place.

Japanese wood brush handle:

The handle that supports the design of the brush is made of Japanese wood as wood adds durability to the brush. The handle of the Kumano face powder brush is fat and short so, it provides excellent coverage and blending of face powder.


For best application, dip the Kumano Powder Brush into the product and tap off all the excess products and with, a gentle sweeping motion, dust it onto the face.

Japan’s Kumano makeup brush set

it is recognized as the best makeup brushes by many leading makeup artists and brands worldwide- is a perfect gift for every special occasion.

Types of brushes:

This thoughtful gift includes a collection of 5 pcs of Kumano brushes that can be used in any makeup routine. The set includes a Cheek brush, an eye shadow brush, a shadow liner brush, a lip brush, an eyebrow brush.

High-quality Brushes: 

These brushes depict quality, for professional and for everyday use. Soft but high-density Kumano brushes are all handmade using traditional Kumano artisan techniques. The Kumano brushes are incredibly versatile and do not even shed after being washed for longer times. 

A cheek brush is a perfect tool for sculpting cheekbones. Eye shadow brush uses 70% pine squirrel hair for its bristles. This brush is perfect for blending cosmetic colors and creating gradation. Shadow liner brush gives a perfectly winged liner. 

Lip brush is made of the best first-cut-hair of Wiesel’s. Eyebrow brush n’ comb, is beautifully made by 100% Horsehair. It is a perfect example of a multitasking tool as it shapes the eyebrows and separates the eyelashes.

Brush Ferrule:

Each Kumano brush is designed to have a gold-colored aluminum ferrule that presents a sense of luxury. Doubly crimped ferrule secures the bristles and Brush handles in place.

Durable brush Handles:

The smooth and silky appearance of the brushes with a red, shiny finish of the handles gives off to add more beauty to your makeup collection. All handles are made of premium Japanese wood. Wood handles last long. Kumano brush set is easy to hold through its masterly curated gripping area.

Zenith makeup brush Case:

 This gift set can be easily fit in travel bags for long travels because of travel-friendly size. Polyurethane zenith case is a portable bag with small pockets that can store handy items and keep all the brushes separate from each other and prevent frictional damage

Perfect Gift Idea: 

Kumano brush set is the perfect solution for an urgent last-minute gift need. It can leave an impression on your wife, friends, and mother.


In this buyers’ guide, we will guide you about what are the things that you should look for in a makeup brush to select one that matches your need and skin. if you are looking for a single brush or collection of makeup brush sets that match your taste, we’ve got you covered.

What are things that you need to look into a makeup brush when purchasing?

When looking for a perfect makeup brush, you need to consider three main things: brush surface, more surface density can give you more coverage, and less density can get you sheer to moderate coverage.

Similarly, a brush with more density will be tightly packed, and a brush with less density will give you less coverage. 

Lastly, to reach different angles of the face and neck, different shapes have been developed. Like a round-shaped makeup brush is used to apply face powder to the face, a similarly densely packed makeup brush is used to have full coverage of the foundation.

Do you have to consider Brush bristles before buying a makeup brush?

You must be wrong if you think bristles do not make any difference. Whether it is a paintbrush or a makeup brush, high density or low density, a brush that sheds fibers is the biggest turn-off.  

What ultimately determines the type and quality of a brush is the hair that goes into making bristles. For example, there are various kinds of hair used in a Kumano brush; Chinese goat’s hair, chestnut horsehair, grey-brown raccoon hair, and goat tail hair. 

Bristles of Kumano brushes are always handmade, slight natural unevenness to the tip allows the brush to make light contact with the face, ensuring a more cozy touch. 

For more information on such brushes, You can check out the product here: Kumano Brush (Kumano Fude) Powder Brushes Chikuhodo AR20-4

A quick insider:

A simple way to identify a durable brush is to rub it against the skin. If a makeup brush feels soft, it can be your next ideal purchase.

Are Natural Bristles better than Synthetic Bristles?

Although makeup brushes come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, the chief difference with makeup brushes for cosmetics is their bristles. You’ve probably heard of synthetic bristles and natural bristles, but how can you choose among the two. We can break it down for you.

While Synthetic bristles are made either by nylon and polyester filaments and their goal is to increase the color-carrying ability by blending fibers, its machine-cut bristles can be hard on skin. Also, they may be good for liquid and cream cosmetics, natural blisters are still better at catching powder and no wasted makeup.

For Natural Bristles, hair is imported mainly from China. The Shape and hardness of the hair collected may vary; it depends on the animal and the season in which it is collected. For example, Squirrel hair is conical, and that of a weasel gradually swells from end to root. 

Does expertise in making the makeup brushes matter?

The care that a brush takes adds more value to the product. So whenever you decide to buy a brush, make sure that you learn about the heritage and background of how the brush is made. 

For example, talking about Kumanofude artisans, they have learned the art of handling animal hair over the years and still practice it every day. They have mastered the skill of judgment. The handmade Kumanofude made on traditional Kumano artisan techniques will hold more value to the overall product than any local brush. 

You can get more information on Kumanofude products here

Is Ferrule As Important As It May Sound?

The ferrule is that part of the brush connects the brush head to the handle and holds the bristles in place with adhesive. The ferrule is, typically, made of metals such as brass, copper, or aluminum. 

It is said that a brush is as strong as its ferrule, so you need to look out for makeup brushed that holds the makeup brush in its place. After all, a strong ferrule is the essence of a Kumano brush.


A good makeup routine is all about well-researched beauty products and high-quality makeup brushes that you feel confident about and, often, it’s the brush that makes all the difference. If you are looking out for a better replacement, you need to consider purchasing a Kumanofude because Kumano brushes are known to be more durable than other makeup brushes. And the great care and precision that goes into the making of Kumano brush set it apart.


 Are these brushes Cruelty-free?

Yes, for Kumano brushes, materials are collected from cruelty-free suppliers only. No animals are harmed in the process of making Kumano brushes.

Would you consider these Professional Brushes?

Answer: Yes, Kumano brushes can be used for professional work.


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