women holding docolor makeup brushes

Docolor Brushes 28 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set Review

The excellent quality Docolor brushes are kind to sensitive skin, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and are incredibly easy to clean. Oh, and no need to be extra cautious and fret, the brushes wash thoroughly, none of the bristles come off, are still as soft and sturdy, and you can now clean without the worry of deformation

To ensure the high quality of the products, what else needs to be said when all the brushes have synthetic bristles and wooden handles. Let’s also not forget the bristles do not fall off or shed and have a good blending effect, and the handles are well bonded and do not fall off with the brushes.

It is easy to get the smooth blending through the brushes, which also have the great ability to catch and release powder. Additionally, the brushes are designed so that they are easy to hold and use for a long time without it slipping from your hands.

It doesn’t always exceed budgets; it exceeds expectations and meets the needs of its users with its excellent quality and size. They come in a very nicely packaged box, are soft and firm, go back to shape soon after they are cleaned, and pick up pigments very well.

Now I must recommend and present you the best brush set of Docolor, the Rose Gold – 28 Piece Makeup Brush Set; the radiant rose gold set with every brush you could need for a flawless and fantastic makeup


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The brushes’ thick billowing bristles help gliding the makeup smoothly and evenly, so you could achieve precise coverage with the soft yet firm bristles of the ideal Docolor makeup brushes. This highly recommended and high-quality brush set’s brushes have handles that are durable and dainty at the same time and bristles that are soft yet solid. They do not fall off even after the application of makeup using them or after they’ve been cleaned.

The black-grey hairs are soft yet tough and are designed to give a gentle touch when used. The substantiality of the handle and the brushes` bristles’ softness is what makes them the perfect product. Change your makeup game for real this time using this must-buy set that is a great value for your money, whether it’s because of its cute packaging, great price, versatile and super soft brushes, or its easy accessibility. The brushes luckily, don’t leave any streaks or absorb the product, unlike brushes of other sets.

The good mix of face and eye brushes set has its brushes well protected and packaged in plastic wrap and a mesh cover, all individually wrapped so they can be delivered to you in perfect condition. Cute and classy is your style? Then this set is the option you have to choose, considering the presentable and attractive packaging, the elegant yet extremely plush design, and the consistent coloring of the brushes.

They might not be on top of the best brush set list, but they are one of them and at least better than most high-end brush sets of brands. And before you think I am making this look all perfect, I am going to tell you some of its few and minor flaws or cons;

They do not have the best odor, and sometimes it is hard to get rid of,

Either they do not provide a bag for the brushes or give a small drawstring bag that is perfect for travel, but not the best kit to carry those beautiful brushes in, and they do not necessarily get along with hot water.

But before you base your decision on whether to buy from this brand, let me tell you one thing that might change your mind. They have amazing customer service, who give a 100% Money Back Guarantee when necessary, inquire and question the complaints and opinions of their customers and work on them too! And make sure not to rest until their customers are satisfied.

Are you still here? Well then, let’s discuss some more details, shall we?

This brand has low price points yet high ratings, and its products are of pleasing and good quality for the price range they’re in. Also, the brushes pick up just the right amount of product needed, are dense and sturdy enough. Some bonus points you need to know are, firstly, the set comes with instructions for the use of each brush and that the brand has fast shipping. And, oh, the larger brushes all have plastic brush guards over them that help in the drying process, so let’s consider the choice of not throwing them away, okay? Overall, the set as a whole is of high quality and is of great value.


How to clean Docolor makeup brushes?

  • Wash the bristles under lukewarm water; it shouldn’t be hot water.
  • Pour some soap or shampoo into the water.
  • Dip the brush into the mixture and swirl.
  • Rinse the bristles under lukewarm water.
  • Pat the bristles dry and then reshape them.
  • Let the brush air dry.
  • Store your brushes in a case to keep them dry and prevent dust build-up.

Does it have a makeup case with it?

No, this set doesn’t include a makeup case, but you can check out their other makeup brush set as some of them do come with a makeup case.

Is Docolor brush sets cruelty free?

Yes, they are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Are they suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, they are suitable for sensitive skin.