Cruelty free makeup brushes

Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes: Why You Should Make The Switch


Over the last few years, the world has woken up to the unethical treatment of animals during the production of makeup products. Beauty lovers worldwide have started to become more selective about which products they purchase and which brands they support. 


It has become essential that brands abandon the unethical aspect of makeup production and opt for more advanced technological options that provide a cruelty-free solution. Though the kind treatment of animals is the most obvious reason to switch to cruelty-free makeup products and brushes, there are many others that you may not have thought about previously. 

Let’s take a look at the cruelty-free umbrella term and how that applies to makeup brushes, as well as what the differences are between natural and synthetic bristles. There are plenty of reasons to make this switch, so let’s get to it!


The Meaning Behind Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes:

It is easy to assume that all products under the “cruelty-free” umbrella are equally ethically sourced. Though this may be the case for cosmetic formulas, it cannot necessarily be said for brushes. Because brushes don’t need to be tested, they are sometimes still sold under the cruelty-free umbrella along with their accompanying makeup products. For vegans and those who don’t use any animal-derived products, these brushes are still not suitable even though they have not been tested on animals. With that being said, many people look for the cruelty-free label and don’t ask further questions regarding where the brush bristles come from.


You don’t need to be vegan to put the pieces together and question whether or not the bristles have been ethically sourced, because let’s face it, no animal willingly gives up their hair.


If you are serious about cruelty-free products across the board, then your best bet would be to source beauty products and equipment that you know for a fact are synthetic or have the vegan symbol on the packaging. 

The Differences Between Natural and Synthetic Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes:

When switching from natural to synthetic brushes, it is vital to understand the differences between the two. Naturally, brushes that are not cruelty-free are indeed made from multiple animal hairs that are bound together. These bristles are incredibly soft and luxurious, depending on the animal’s coat from which the hairs were harvested.


Synthetic brushes are made from synthetic fibers, mostly spun from nylon, manufactured to mimic real animal hair traits. Because there are various regulations surrounding animal hair harvesting, there is a noticeable price difference between synthetic and natural brushes, making synthetics more popular.


 Natural brushes tend to lose their bristles because each brush contains multiple individual hairs that are glued together at the base. Synthetics, on the other hand, may appear the same but can be melted together at the bottom of the brush. Because they are made from plastic, this is possible, and the user will find that they don’t shed the way natural brushes do.


As you know, there are many types of makeup – some are creamy, some are liquid, and some are powdery. Because of this, there is no such thing as a “one brush fits all” idea when deciding which brush to use with which product.


Synthetic brushes naturally apply creamily and liquid products far better because of the bristles’ texture and their lack of pores. Products will glide on far smoother with a synthetic brush as opposed to one with natural hairs. Natural brushes will not apply liquid products as well as they apply powdery ones, and this is solely due to the composition of these brushes.

Reasons to Switch to Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes:

If you are still looking for concrete reasons to switch from natural to synthetic cruelty-free brushes, then look no further! Because real hair is porous, natural makeup brushes absorb some of your product every time you apply it. 


Anyone who is a member of the beauty community will agree that great products don’t come cheap, so to have your foundation absorbed by your brush during each application is such a waste.


Cruelty-free synthetic bristles have no nooks and crannies for any product to seep into because of the way they are manufactured and what they are manufactured from. You never have to worry about your favorite, pricy makeup product being wasted on any of your synthetic bristles. 


This next one is more important than we might realize, especially for those of us prone to animal allergies. Because natural brushes are made from real hairs, it is obvious why some allergic makeup lovers struggle to sweep those bristles across their eyelids every day. If you are one of them, synthetic cruelty-free brushes are your best bet, and you will be contributing to the fair treatment of animals.


 If we can choose products that cause no harm, then that is a choice we are obligated to make. As mentioned earlier, there are several rules and regulations on the harvesting of animal hair, making the production process quite expensive. Choosing synthetic cruelty-free brushes saves you money because they cost far less to manufacture, and thus less to sell. Switching to synthetics also shows your support for our environment. 


With today’s technology, the plastic used to manufacture these brushes often comes from recycled plastic waste. Our planet is in a severe predicament when it comes to plastic pollution, and giving this type of waste a new life in the form of a brush that does not harm animals, is a fantastic solution! 


Due to technology’s progression in today’s makeup industry, there is no natural brush they cannot recreate synthetically. This is excellent news for makeup artists who like to use particular brushes when running their businesses. No matter what type of brush is needed, dense, short bristled, long bristled, every need is met. 


A large attraction to natural brushes is how they feel on the skin because they are soft and hold product so efficiently and smoothly. Synthetics have now been created in such a way that mimics the softness and holds product just as natural bristles do, only without their porous quality. This ensures that makeup users and artists get the best of both worlds and don’t ever feel the need to revert to natural brushes after making the switch to cruelty-free synthetics.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands:


Now that you know why you should make the switch, knowing which brands to switch to will help you transform your makeup collection into the cruelty-free holy grail of products! These brands all produce synthetic cruelty-free makeup brushes that give you a flawless application each time you apply any of your favorite makeup products. Not only do these brands produce high-quality brushes, but also some of the best makeup the industry has to offer. These are just a few of the many cruelty-free brands, giving you an abundance of choice when looking to give your makeup collection a makeover.

Take a look at this cruelty-free makeup brands list and make the switch to them:

What does it take to make it on the blendsmart reviews cruelty-free brand list?

In order to make the blendsmart reviews list companies must confirm 5 things:
• That there are no ingredients and products are tested on animals
• Their products are not tested by a third party on their behalf.
• They do not use suppliers that test
• They do not have required by law testing stance



  • Anese Co.


  • Antonym


  • Apoterra Skincare


  • Arctic Fox Hair Color


  • Ardell


  • Ardency Inn


  • Aroma Naturals


  • Aromafloria


  • Attitude


  • Au Naturale Botanicals


  • Aubrey Organics


  • Aura Cacia


  • Avalon Organics


  • Aveda


  • Axiology




  • A Girl’s Gotta Spa


  • ABBA


  • Abra


  • AcneFree


  • Acquarella


  • Acure Organics


  • Adorn Cosmetics


  • Aether Lashes


  • AG Hair


  • Agent Nateur


  • Ahimsa Apothecary


  • Axiology


  • AILA Cosmetics


  • Alaffia Brands


  • Alba Botanica


  • Alima Pure


  • Alterna


  • American Crew


  • Amika


  • AmLactin


  • Amope


  • AmorePacific


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills


  • Ancient Secrets


  • Andalou Naturals


  •  BlendSmart


  • beautyblender


  • Beauty Without Cruelty


  • Becca


  • Bedrock & Bloom


  • Bsame Cosmetics


  • Better Botanicals


  • Better Life


  • BH Cosmetics


  • Bio Ionic


  • Bite Beauty


  • Black Girl Sunscreen


  • Black Moon Cosmetics


  • Black Opal


  • Black Up


  • Blinc


  • Pretty Vulgar Makeup


  • Blissoma


  • Blue Lizard


  • Blume


  • Bondi Sands


  • Booty Parlor


  • Box Naturals


  • Bravura London


  • Briogeo


  • Bronze Buffer


  • Brown & Coconut


  • Bubble and Bee


  • Budhha Beauty


  • Bulldog Skincare for Men


  • Burt’s Bees


  • Butter London


  • Buxom


  • B True Beauty


  • Babo Botanicals


  • BaByliss PRO


  • Badger Balm


  • Bare Bones Body


  • Bare Republic


  • BareMinerals


  • Bask + Bloom Essentials


  • Battington


  • Beaming White


  • Beauty Bakerie


  • By Rosie Jane


  • Clearly Natural


  • CoCo Conscious Collective


  • Cocokind


  • Cocovit


  • Color Club


  • Colorescience


  • ColorProof


  • Coloured Raine


  • Colourpop


  • Commodity


  • Conair


  • Concrete Minerals


  • Conscious Period


  • Coola


  • Cora


  • CoTz




  • Crispy Brows


  • Cryptic Cosmetics


  • Crystal Deodorant


  • Cult Cosmetics


  • CV Skinlabs


  • Cake Beauty


  • California Baby


  • Captain Blankenship


  • Cargo


  • Catrice


  • Celsus


  • Certain Dri


  • Charlotte Tilbury


  • Chella


  • China Glaze


  • Christy Organics


  • Ciate London


  • Cinema Secrets


Dr. Brite


Dr. Bronner’s


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare


Dr. Hauschka


Drifting By The Sea


Dr. Sharp


Dr. Woods


Drunk Elephant




DUA Body






David’s Natural Toothpaste


Deborah Lippman


Deciem Brands


DefineMe Fragrance




Derma E








Desert Essence


Devita Natural Skincare






Dose of Colors


Doubledown Cosmetics




  • Emani


  • Enjoy


  • EO Products


  • Epiphany Soapworks


  • Erbaviva


  • Essence


  • Essence of Vali


  • Eva NYC


  • Eve Lom


  • Every Man Jack


  • Everyday Minerals


  • EVOLVh


  • Eyeko


  • Eylure



  • Earth Diva Minerals


  • Earth Friendly Products


  • Earth Girl Pads


  • Earth Mama Angel Baby


  • Earth Tu Face


  • Earthly Body


  • Ecco Bella


  • Eclair Naturals


  • Eco Tools


  • Elate Cosmetics


  • Ella + Mila


  • Elle Johnson Co.


  • Ellie Bianca


  • Ellis Faas


  • Ellovi


  • Facetory


  • Fairy Girl


  • FAR Botanicals


  • Farmacy


  • Farsali


  • Fat and the Moon




  • Feral Cosmetics


  • Fiona Stiles


  • FIOR Mineral Cosmetics


  • First Aid Beauty


  • Fitglow Beauty


  • Flawless


  • Flesh Beauty


  • Flower Beauty


  • For Pit’s Sake


  • Formula 10.0.6


  • Formula X


  • Formulary 55


  • Foxie Cosmetics


  • Free & Clear


  • French Girl Organics


  • From Molly With Love


  • Fur


  • Furless Cosmetic


  • Face Atelier


  • Goddess Garden


  • goodDYEyoung


  • Grandpa Soap Co.


  • Green Tidings


  • Gressa


  • Grown Alchemist


  • Gud


  • Gunas


  • Gabriel Cosmetics


  • Giovanni


  • Girlactik


  • Give Me Glow


  • GladRags


  • Glamour Dolls Makeup


  • GLO Turmeric Scrub


  • Gloss Moderne


  • Glossier


  • Glow Up (Vegan teeth whitening)


  • Glow Recipe


  • Illamasqua


  • IMAN


  • In Fiore


  • Indie Blends


  • Indie Lee


  • Intelligent Nutrients


  • IT Cosmetics


  • It’s a 10


  • ILIA


  • Josh Rosebrook


  • Josie Maran


  • Jouer


  • Juara


  • Juice Beauty


  • Just Nutritive


  • Juvias Place


  • R. Liggett’s Old Fashioned Bar


  • R. Watkins


  • Jack Black


  • Jane Carter Solution


  • Japonesque


  • Jason


  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics


  • JINsoon


  • John Masters Organics


  • KANI Botanicals


  • Kat Von D Beauty


  • Kate Somerville


  • Kelly Teegarden


  • Kenra Professional


  • Kevin Murphy


  • Kevyn Aucoin


  • Kirei Cosmetics


  • Kirk’s Natural


  • Kiss My Face


  • Kjaer Weis


  • KL Polish


  • Klorane


  • Klur


  • KNC Beauty


  • Kahina Giving Beauty


  • Kaia Naturals


  • Koh Gen Doh


  • Konjac Sponge Co


  • Kopari


  • Kreyol Essence


  • Kure Bazaar


  • Kylie Cosmetics


  • Kypris Beauty


  • Kyra’s Shea Medleys


  • L.Organic


  • L.A. Colors


  • L.A. Girl


  • Laura Geller


  • Laurel & Reed


  • laurel and reed


  • Laurel Whole Plant Organics


  • Lauren B Beauty


  • Lauren Napier Beauty


  • Lavanila


  • Le Couvent Des Minimes


  • Leaves of Trees


  • Lethal Cosmetics


  • Level Naturals


  • Life Flo


  • Light Mountain


  • Lilfox


  • Lily Lolo


  • Lime Crime


  • Lina Hanson


  • Linne Botanicals


  • Little Barn Apothecary


  • Little Seed Farm


  • Live Clean


  • Living Libations


  • Lovinah Supernatural Skincare


  • Loving Tan


  • Lulu Organics


  • Lumene


  • Lunapads


  • Lunatick Cosmetic Labs


  • Lunette


  • Lush


  • Luxie Beauty


  • LVX


  • LXMI


  • M.O.T.D Cosmetics


  • Mabel and Meg


  • Mad Hippie


  • Madison Reed


  • Magick Botanicals


  • MAHALO Skin Care


  • Mai Couture




  • Mally Beauty


  • Mambino Organics


  • Manic Panic


  • Marc Anthony


  • Marie Hunter Beauty


  • Marie Veronique


  • Marienatie


  • Mario Badescu


  • May Lindstrom


  • Maya Chia


  • Me! Bath


  • Melt Cosmetics


  • Meow Meow Tweet


  • Mented Cosmetics


  • Metta Skincare


  • Michael Todd


  • Milani


  • MILK Makeup


  • Mineral Fusion


  • Mirabella


  • Miracle Skin Transformer


  • Mixed Chicks


  • Model Co


  • Modern Minerals


  • MOMMA (Ministry of Mineral Makeup Australia)


  • Montagne Jeunesse (7th Heaven)


  • Mooncup


  • Moroccanoil


  • Motherlove


  • Mrs. Meyers


  • Mullein & Sparrow


  • MUN


  • Murad


  • MV Skincare


  • My Daughter Fragrances


  • MyChelle


  • My Spa Life


  • Nabla Cosmetics


  • Nads Natural


  • Natasha Denona


  • Natracare


  • Nature’s Alchemy


  • Nature’s Gate


  • NCLA


  • NeemAura Naturals


  • Nip + Fab


  • Niu Body


  • Nomad Cosmetics


  • North Coast Organics


  • Not Your Mother’s


  • Noto Botanics


  • Nourish Organic


  • NOW Foods


  • Nubian Heritage


  • NUDE Skincare




  • NYX Cosmetics



  • Obia Naturals


  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC)


  • Odacite


  • OFRA Cosmetics




  • Ole Henriksen


  • Olverum


  • Omorovicza


  • One Love Organics


  • One with Nature


  • Organic Cup (Feminine Hygiene)


  • Oribe


  • Original Moxie


  • Orly


  • OSEA Malibu


  • Osmia Organics


  • Ouai


  • Out of Africa


  • oVertone


  • Oyin Handmade


  • Pacifica


  • Pai Skincare


  • Parissa


  • Party In My Pants


  • Paul Mitchell


  • Paula’s Choice


  • Per-fekt


  • Perricone MD


  • Petite Vour


  • Piggy Paint


  • Pink Daisy




  • PiperWai


  • Pirouette Professionals


  • Pixi Beauty


  • Plain Jane Beauty


  • Plume


  • Poetic Blend


  • Poni Cosmetics


  • Pop Beauty


  • Pravana


  • Precious Skin Elixers


  • Preserve Products


  • Primal Pit Paste


  • Priti NYC


  • Promise Organic


  • Province Apothecary


  • Prtty Peashun


  • PUR


  • Pura Botanicals


  • Pura d’or


  • PureOlogy


  • Pursoma


Queen Helene


  • R.L. Linden & Co


  • Rahua


  • Rare El’ements


  • Raw Elements


  • RCMA


  • Real Techniques


  • Red Apple Lipstick


  • REN


  • Reverie


  • Reviva Labs


  • Rituel de Fille


  • RMS beauty


  • Rodial


  • Root Science


  • Rosebud Perfume Co.


  • Routine Cream


  • Royal & Langnickel


  • S.W. Basics


  • Sam’s Natural


  • Sandoval


  • Sappadilla


  • Sappho New Paradigm


  • Sappo Hill Soapworks


  • Savvy Minerals by Young Living


  • Schmidt’s Naturals


  • Sckoon


  • Seche


  • Seventh Generation


  • Sexy Hair


  • Shamanuti


  • SheaMoisture


  • Shikai


  • Sigma Brushes


  • Skin Creamery


  • SkinOwl


  • Skin and Senses


  • Skyn Iceland


  • Sleek Makeup


  • Smashbox


  • Soap & Glory


  • Soapwalla


  • SolScents


  • Sonia Kashuk


  • Sonoma Soap Company


  • SpaRitual


  • Spectrum Collections


  • St. Tropica


  • Starlooks


  • Stay Wild Organics


  • Stila


  • Strobe Cosmetics


  • Styli-Style Cosmetics


  • Sugarpill


  • SUKI


  • Summer’s Eve


  • Sun Bum


  • Sunday Riley


  • Sunology


  • Suntegrity


  • Superfood Powders


  • Supergoop!


  • Surya Brasil


  • Sustain Natural


  • Sweat Cosmetics


  • Sweet Spot Labs


  • Swipes Lovin’ Wipes


  • T3


  • Tabitha James Kraan


  • Tarte


  • Tata Harper


  • Tatcha


  • TAY


  • Tend Skin


  • Terra & Co.


  • Terre Mere Cosmetics


  • The Balm Cosmetics


  • The Beauty Chef


  • The Body Shop


  • The Honey Pot Company


  • The Lip Bar


  • The Ordinary


  • The Little Alchemist


  • The Seaweed Bath Co.


  • thinkbaby


  • Thinksport


  • Thinx


  • This is L.


  • Tiferet Aromatherapy


  • Tom’s of Maine


  • Too Faced


  • Tree Hut


  • Treets Traditions


  • Tria


  • Trim Healthy Mama


  • True Moringa


  • Trufora


  • Trust Fund Beauty


  • Tsi-La Organics


  • Ulta


  • Unsun Cosmetics


  • Unwash


  • Urban Decay


  • Ursa Major


  • Vapour Organic Beauty


  • Vegamour 


  • Vegancuts


  • VERB


  • Vered Organic Botanicals


  • Vert Mont Perfumery


  • Vintner’s Daughter


  • Viseart


  • W3ll People


  • Wander Beauty


  • We Love Eyes


  • WEN by Chaz Dean


  • Whamisa


  • White Rabbit Skincare


  • Wunder2


  • WunderBrow


XO Flo


  • Yarok


  • Yes to


  • Yllo Scrub


  • Young Living


  • YUNI Beauty


  • Z Natural Life


  • Zabana Essentials


  • Zoe Organics


  • Zoella Beauty


  • Zoya


  • Zuzu Luxe


  • Zyderma


And there you have it – all the information you need to make the ethical switch from natural to synthetic cruelty-free makeup brushes! Understanding where natural brushes come from, as opposed to how synthetics are manufactured, is important when making the decision to switch. For smooth application and a flawless finish to your foundation, synthetics definitely are the best choice as previously mentioned. By choosing synthetic cruelty-free you are not only saving the lives of millions of animals, but you are also contributing to the health of our planet. With such a variety to choose from, only some of which are mentioned in the list above, there is no way to slow down the progression of the ethical beauty industry. Be a part of the change and go cruelty-free!

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