blendSMART (V1) Metallic Gold 3 Brushes Review

Ladies loved to apply makeup and look pretty. Sometimes it is the need of the hour to look maintained and well-presented. But, in this era of fast and furious working scenario, things become more different. You have to manage many things at times, which affects your “Me Time.” Your skin, your makeup, your personality influenced with your routines.

Wait for a while; you can manage this mess with very convenient and advanced makeup tools such as blendSMART Metallic Gold Brushes. They are really up to help you in makeup application with its unique features. You can have a detailed review of this product in this article.

What is blendSMART (V1) Metallic Gold 3 Brushes?

BlendSMART V1 Metallic Gold 3 Brushes designed in a way to help you in makeup blending. It has three brushes for foundation, powder, and pro-blending facility with cruelty-free brushes. It is a limited edition set available for a short time. The product has been designed by the blendSMART brand, which has been serving with different makeup tools with their unique and advanced technology to users. This is a well-known brand for makeup tools. It introduced this product to make your makeup application more comfortable and better.

This product is a beautiful metallic gold-colored motorized handle brush with three heads. You can use these three brushes to get an elegant look. They help you blend makeup without causing any harsh because these brush heads are composed of premium, antimicrobial, cruelty-free material. The manufacturer is also giving a black travel case with this product. You can avail of the rose gold interior fabric with this makeup brush.

What Kinds of Brushes do you get with V1 Metallic Gold 3 BlendSMART Brushes?

Well, this is a makeup application product that helps you to apply makeup more evenly and adequately. Usually, makeup gives the cakey lines and cracks on the face, which look weird. The maker has been offering three brushes with this advanced product to support differently. Let’s take a look at these brushes and their function in support of your makeup application. Here are the details:

Universal foundation

This brush is for blending your foundation. As everyone knows, the foundation is the base of your makeup. If it is applied accurately and mixed properly, then, makeup will be all the way smooth.

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with foundation application, blending, and buffing, use a universal foundation brush from blendSMART to get rid of all the issues simultaneously. It combines your foundation to the skin without causing any harsh and damage. It utilizes a lesser amount of foundation and thoroughly absorbs into the pores. You can merge the foundation in all kinds, such as liquid, creamy, and powder format with this brush.


blendSMART (V1) Metallic Gold 3 Brushes include powder brush, which helps in powder application. The powder is essential to apply to your foundation to set its consistency and appearance. You can have an adorable makeup with the help of this brush.


Pro-blending brush gives yous support to have makeup blending to start your overall makeup. You can use it in the initial stages of your makeup application to have a proper and compelling blend.

Features of blendSMART V1 Metallic Gold Brushes

The product is very much popular and most demanding among users. This is made with unique features to help people with their qualities. Its prominent features include:

Makeup Friendly Device

BlendSMART V1 Brushes has the makeup friendly approach to keep your makeup-free of caking, cracking, and lines. Your makeup remains flawless and enhances your beauty without causing these issues.

Unique Tools

It has backed with a motorized handle, lithium battery, and three kinds of brush heads for a blend of uniqueness and effortless makeup application. All these tools and things offered with this product to enhance the quality of your makeup and overall appearance.

Premium Quality Brushes

The blendSMART Metallic Gold Brushes is made with premium quality, anti-bacterial, and cruelty-free components that make your makeup smoother and stay longer. These makeup brush heads have fine threads that cause no damage to your skin even you feel more comfortable with these brushes while applying your makeup.

Easy to use

You simply have to turn on the brush and blend your makeup with the brushes. There is handle to grip and brush will automatically rotate on your face, and you get the desired level of makeup coverage without any harm.

Long-Lasting Product

The manufacturer designed it in a way that you get the benefit for a long time. The material used in its making is so efficient that you also avail of a one-year warranty with this brush.

What is included in blendSMART (V1) Metallic Gold 3 Brushes Pack? 

It has a few things included in its pack by the manufacturer. These things are listed below:

  • Metallic gold-colored motorized handle brush
  • Three brush heads (universal foundation, powder, pro-blending)
  • Black travel case with rose gold interior fabric
  • Long-lasting lithium battery with 8-12 months warranty
  • User guide
  • One-year applicator warranty
  • You can get these things by buying this product from the official manufacturer.

Final Thought

BlendSMART (V1) Metallic Gold 3 Brushes made makeup application an easier task to do. This is an easy and fabulous makeup tool that reduces the makeup issues and perfectly resolves them. Its airbrush finish gives you a younger-looking and adorable appearance at any time. This brush has the rotational technology which backed with interchangeable brush heads. These heads spin quickly that you have the best makeup blending results within a few minutes.

This is best for beginner makeup artists who want to excel in their makeup skills and learn more. It provides you with better coverage and makeup absorption to every part of the skin. No doubt, this is a time-saving product that gives you outstanding results for makeup blending. It functions despite skin tone and skin type. No matter what kind of skin you have, it looks after its three different brush heads. So, Feel free and have a unique and best makeup tool in your hand to enjoy appealing looks.