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15 best makeup brush cleaners

If you love makeup, you must have spent hours searching for a perfect makeup brush that is a hallmark of your style, Right? But have you noticed that you are not paying enough attention to your near to heart makeup brushes?

You are not alone. We are in this together!

Clean brushes are the symbol of one’s refined taste in life. But the real deal is to understand the importance of routine cleansing and work on it.

Today’s market is full of millions of makeup and beauty products, so it’s high time that you decide to invest in a good makeup brush cleaner and bring life back to your old and blotched makeup brushes.

Cleaner the brushes, smoother the makeup application

For you to find the best makeup brush cleaner online, we have reviewed 15 best makeup brush cleaners that we can vouch for! Take a tour and explore which makeup brush cleaner option will do it for you.

Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

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What can be a phenomenal start to your makeup hygiene other than the Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner? Immaculate and thorough cleaning with Parian Spirit leaves the makeup brushes dry and soft. It is the perfect makeup brush cleaning option for all the makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts.

Parian Spirit formula is exclusively designed, keeping in view the enigmas of dirty and product-filled makeup brushes. Brushes can be clean, with only a small amount of concentrate. You can also re-use the same cleaner many times; it just works equally well every time.

It is also available in a travel size bottle for travel purposes. Last, it can be used as a spritz cleaner, or you can soak your brushes in the solution and clear up using a paper towel. However, there is a downside to this makeup brush cleaner; It may take up a fair amount of paper towels when wiping your brushes.


         Natural citrus aroma

         Unsatisfactory packaging

           Professionally cleans brushes

            Amazing for in-between cleaning

           Works equally well with Print-making supplies

           Faster drying time

           Tested safe for all brushes


Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleaner Cleansing Shampoo

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Next on our list of best makeup brush cleaners is environmentally sound Ecotools makeup brush shampoo. It is loaded with only the best and cruelty-free elements. Ecotools makeup brush shampoo takes care of your expensive makeup brushes by wiping all the dirt and makeup away quickly.

This paraben-free personal care product single-handedly cleans and lotions all your makeup brushes, applicators, and sponges. The biggest plus is, your brushes come out soft and voluminous after every wash. This shampoo-based liquid foams up within brush bristles for deep cleansing of your favorite makeup brushes.

People experience a smoother makeup application only after its initial use. It is dermatologically-tested for gentleness and mildness. Moreover, only a small amount of shampoo elevates your brush quality, increasing brush longevity. The only drawback is that it shares an unpleasant fragrance.

Dermatologically-testedUnpleasant scent 
Hypoallergenic formula
Free of parabens and phthalates
Gentle on bristles
Recycled aluminum and plastic packaging
Minus petroleum-based ingredients
100% cruelty-free and vegan (PETA certified)

IT Cosmetics It’s Your Brush Love Instant Brush Cleaner

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A perfect match for your cherry-picked collection of makeup brushes. Armed with the ability to remove all the hidden dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities out of the brush, Brush Love is one of the best makeup brush cleaners.

It instantly sanitizes and conditions the brush bristles to stay healthy and protect your skin for a longer period. The easy-to-use brush cleaner ensures that your brushes retain their shape to apply the product appropriately. Brush Love fine mist spray bottle allows you to spray directly onto the makeup brushes and makeup applicators and keep things mess-free.

Brush love is packed with the goodness of antioxidants and vitamins. Makeup cleaners are simultaneously cleaning and conditioning your brushes. The cleaner works equally well with natural and synthetic brush bristles, plus it dries fast, so there’s no long waiting period to use the brush again.


           A light citrus scent


           Fast Drying Formula

          Works well with both natural and synthetic brush bristles

        Alcohol-free spray

           Packed with anti-aging peptides

          Contains hydrolyzed collagen and vitamins A, C, and E


Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleanser

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After the ground-breaking Lilumia makeup brushes cleaner device comes the Lilumia makeup brush cleanser. This cleanser cleans and conditions the makeup brushes from inside, offering an improved brush life. Packed with amino acids that hydrates, this cleanser solution re-energizes the whole makeup brush look.

The 24 oz bottle stays longer than any drug-store bought cleanser bottle, thus saves you a lot. Also, it tempers the frayed bristles into shiny, soft, and more managed bristles. Adding Lilumia Makeup brush cleaner to the lukewarm water and brushes breaks down any dark eye-shadow stains glued to the light-colored strands. Hydrolyzed proteins infused in cleanser renders them soft and a renewed appearance.


           Contains conditioning agents


          Extremely concentrated solution


         Lasts up to approx. 24 washes

         Infused with silk proteins

         Faster brush drying time



SHANY Detox Professional Brush Cleanser

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Every makeup stash longs for a detoxifying solution that instantly sanitizes your dirty makeup applicators, makeup brushes, and makeup sponges. Lucky for us, SHANY has introduced a professional brush cleansing solution that upgrades old makeup brushes and makes them feel anew.

Free of preservatives like Parabens, this cleanser withholds the goodness of aloe vera and only quality ingredients. It effectively disinfects all the makeup palettes. It is your best travel partner that keeps the risk of skin sensitivities from dirty brushes at bay. The only trouble with the 4oz bottle is that it may not last long, but you can always go for eight or 32oz bottle sizes.




           Instant-dry formulation


           Not tested on animals

          Safe for natural and synthetic brushes



JAPONESQUE Makeup Brush Cleanser

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Our best bet for all-in-one makeup brush cleanser that dissolves all makeup products, including powder, liquids, wax, and adhesive-based products, is JAPONESQUE Makeup Brush Cleanser. It professionally scrubs the impurity, oils, and makeup build-up away from your brushes, leaving behind only the fresh and fluffy looking brushes.

JAPONESQUE Makeup Brush Cleanser has a citrusy scent that gives a strong but pleasant fragrance effect. Only a few drops of cleaning solution will suffice for a good deal of brushes. Pour the cleaner in a small jar and dip your brushes in it and give a spin. Use a kitchen towel to remove the brush residue and soak up any left moisture.

The most significant complication with this cleanser is that you need to be extra precarious when handling it. Adequate ventilation is a must-have when using this cleanser. Avoid using it near the flame or directly onto the skin.


          Available in citrus scent

          Requires adequate ventilation

          Cleans natural brush hairs and synthetic brush hairs

         Requires careful handling

          Ideal for travel

         Ideal for spot cleaning


Clinique/Makeup Brush Cleanser

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Next on the picks of best makeup brush cleanser is Clinique’s makeup brush cleansers. It doesn’t smell like chemicals at all. The brushes come out chic and conditioned.

It’s a fantastic choice for a quick in-between cleansing before a more thorough one. It is not an oil-based cleanser, so brushes don’t require a final rinse. Although light but highly effective in releasing clogged bristles and making brushes squeaky clean. Its light composition gives an extra edge to your sensitive skin by not making it break out after cleaning, drying, and reapplying your makeup.


          Perfect for light cleansing 

           Not scented


           Easy to use

             Dries the brushes rapidly

            Gentle on brush

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP On The Spot Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

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NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP On the Spot Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray is a non-abrasive formula that polishes the brush bristles and washes away the debris and dirt that is stuck fast inside. It’s a perfect find for all the makeup enthusiasts and artists to match their level of professionalism. A sleek black bottle contains a solution with instant cleansing properties allowing clean and glossy brushes real quick.

To use this cleanser, pour a small amount into a jar/bowl and soak the brush head (minus the ferrule) and smoothly swirl. Finally, rinse the brush under running water. Repeat the process as per your preference. The cleanser is PETA certified that demos that no animals were harmed and no animal testing is involved in its making.


          Simple and easy to use a spray bottle 

           Unpleasant smell that lingers

           Non-abrasive solution

          100% Cruelty-free 

 Cleans brushes instantly

          Professionally cleans your expensive brushes



Felix Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Felix Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner solution, packed with only skin-safe solvents that dissolve arduous and sturdy pigments and release them out of the brush fibers, is an outstanding professional makeup brush cleaner choice. Professionals favorite makeup hygiene items for long outdoor shoots, and Fashion Galas call for loads of new makeup looks and ready-to-use makeup brushes every time!

For harsh non-soluble makeup, this cleaning solution works wonders. Its quick-dry property relieves you from hassles of air drying your brushes that can take hours. And, it cleans densely packed brushes equally well. You can use the cleaner on makeup brushes, spatulas, sponges, and pluck out adhesives from eyelashes, which are notoriously difficult to remove.


          Deep clean 

            Indecent fragrance

           Quick-Dry solution

           May require conditioning afterward


           Recommended by professionals

            No-rinse formula

MS Dear Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

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MS.Dear Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray is a sanitizing solution that gets the junk out of your makeup brushes almost instantly. Not only does it clean makeup brushes, but makeup sponges and other applicators that need a quick revision. For large brushes, dipping the brushes into the solution is recommended, and for small and less densely packed brushes, a spritz would do all.

This targeted solution is designed, keeping in view the composition of your makeup products and how the makeup products will get dissolved by the cleansing solution. You can take it anywhere when you are on the move, and clean and fresh brushes are your first preference without the agitation of rinsing and drying them. Dab the brushes onto a paper towel that was soaked in a cleaning solution and free your brushes from the last iota of dirt and achieve glistening and pure brushes on hand.


           Quick-dry solution


           Removes 99.9% of the dirt

          Convenient and safe to use

          Extends brush life

          Satisfactory packaging


Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat

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Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat is a hassle-free option for deep cleaning your brushes that don’t strain your hands. Powered with seven textured surfaces in a single mat, this effortless mat wash brushes from every angle possible. It scrubs off any accumulated oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

Mat has been designed to fit most of the sink sizes and sticks to the sink via firm-grasping suction cups on the backside that hold the mat in place and allowing you to experience a great cleansing. After using it, roll it up, stash it away, and you’re done. It’s also easy to wash and maintain. For best results, secure the mat in your sink and add your favorite makeup brush shampoo, lather it up, and swirl your brushes against the patterns for neat as a new pin washing, rinsing, and refining of brushes.


           Seven textured surface

         The mat may not fit well if the sink is too big or too small

           Easy to store


           Great gift idea

          Cuts brush cleaning time in half

           Decent suction cups

          Works for all types of brushes

CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Kit

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CINEMA SECRETS Pro Cosmetics Professional Kit contains an 8oz brush cleaner and a cleansing tin. This solution is composed of elements that dissolve the makeup sludge from your limited edition makeup brushes. It’s packed with powerful agents that seep into the brush bristles and instantly get the jerk out. It efficiently kills 99.9% of germs, giving a subjective sanitization.

This formula doesn’t require rinsing makeup brushes, sponges, or spatulas with water after cleansing; this is a Rinse-free formula. It also relieves you from long hours of drying wet brushes with its Quick-dry property. The weak point here is that the blue-colored formula may lightly stain your light-colored makeup brushes and smell great.


            Disinfects brushes

           Chemical odor

           Instant-dry formula

           May stain your brushes lightly

           Conditions brushes

           Contains flammable naphtha

           Rinse free formula

          Kills 99.99% of bacteria

MS.DEAR Color Removal Sponge

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With MS.DEAR Color Removal Sponge, No need to run back and forth for washing and cleaning brushes amidst limited makeup engagements. An innovative dry cleaner sponge removes dark eye-shadows from the bristles in a swipe or two-making brush ready for the next eye-shadow right away. 

Although the brushes still require an in-depth sanitization, this product gives brushes a quick way out of dark products without splaying the bristles. It saves a lot of money and time with its well-thought design. The compact size of MS.DEAR Color Removal Sponge serves as a perfect travel partner that is easy to carry and takes up less space. Even gets the glitter out of brushes.


          Perfect travel partner

            Not a permanent solution for dirty makeup brushes.

           No-spill product


           Free of chemical formulas 

          Reusable sponge


TailaiMei Color Removal Cleaner Sponge

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TailaiMei Color Removal Cleaner Sponge is a reliable substitute for your odd makeup cleaning chores. Although this works best for in-between makeup application, it still straight away functions as a makeup color remover. The double-sided sponge gives you the liberty of readily cleaning your brushes if one sponge side retires.

Acticarbon scrubbing silicone gives durability and sustainability to the sponge. It helps you switch from one reliable color product to another, producing smudge-free results. Super handy color removal cleaner sponge gets maximum makeup product out. You can re-use the sponge by washing it with mild soap and water.


           Easy switching to the next color

            Not for deep cleansing

           Acticarbon scrubbing silicone sponge

           Durable container 

           light in weight

           Double-sided sponge

           Completely reusable 


e.l.f. Brush Shampoo Daily Use Formula

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e.l.f. Brush Shampoo is a conditioning and shampooing formula that adds luster to your worn-out makeup brushes. It has a subtle orange citrus aroma that refreshes the mood. It is a natural blend of skin safe ingredients, free from preservatives like parabens that are toxic to the skin.

This cleaner gently cuts through the dead skin cells, dirt, and oil-based makeup products and disinfects brushes on the spot. Formulated with only cruelty-free and vegan elements, the shampoo is 4oz in quantity and is highly affordable. Comprehensively cleans brushes that elevate your makeup application experience and produce more stunning results.






           Conditions brush bristles


           Fruity scent

           For deep cleaning

           Travel friendly

Best Makeup Brush Cleaner Buying Guide

Why Should You Take Cleansing Your Makeup Essentials More Seriously?

You must be thinking that this whole makeup brush cleansing plan is unnecessarily hyped up, or maybe it’s an over-estimation of the consequences of dirty makeup brushes. But, let us clear the air because No, it’s not.

You can end up in a wheelchair by catching Staph infection from these foul makeup brushes that breed bacteria.

Apart from that, a clean makeup brush is a first and foremost step towards a refined and elegant makeup for every look.

Excellent and inspiring makeup looks call for makeup brushes that are as clean as a whistle. From creating a no-makeup to the glamorous runway looks at fashion weeks, every stroke of the brush has to be perfect, but with dirty, clogged brushes, this is impossible.

For that cause, you have to consider investing in the right makeup brush cleaning solution that roots out the garbage and produces luminous and buffed brushes. Buy a good makeup brush shampoo, cleaner solution, or a cleaning mat for once and enjoy clean and glossy makeup brushes onwards.

Quick Tips on How to Pick the Best Makeup Brush Cleaner For Your Brushes

There are few things that you have to keep in mind before purchasing, so you end up with the makeup brush cleaner that works best for you.

Cleaner Type: There is a wide range of makeup brush cleaners available in the market. Generally, the solution and shampoo-based cleaners are broadly loved. The main difference is that the shampoo-based cleaners make lather, and water is required to rinse out the brushes.

On the other hand, solution-based cleaners don’t foam up. These contain a rinse-free and quick-dry formula. Both work equally well but make sure you know what your preferred type is before the final decision.

Makeup brush cleaning mats and dry sponges are also becoming popular in this niche.

Quantity: This valuable tip is for all of your liquid-based products. You have to verify how many Fluid ounces you are paying for. Yes, quantity matters a lot. You don’t want to buy an expensive makeup brush cleaner that doesn’t even last you weeks. Our advice will be to buy an inexpensive but efficient brush cleaner that lasts you months.

Cruelty-free products: There is no excuse for it. Only endorse and purchase the products that are cruelty-free means no animals were harmed or tested on making your favorite makeup brush cleaner. Search for PETA certified label on the packaging for confirmation.

Sanitization: Best makeup brush cleansers will give you 99.9% of sanitization, and happy customers leave some good reviews under the product. We recommend reading these reviews for a product that you have your eyes on to get a clear idea of what having this product may look like.

Preservative-free cleansers: Make sure the product you have selected is free of all preservatives such as parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. These are proven to be toxic to health and can lead to severe skin issues.

How to Clean Your Brushes Using a Makeup Brush Cleanser?

By now, you must have a clear idea of what a clean makeup brush can do. Here, we will break the cleansing process down for you to know how brushes can be made spotless in no time.

You’ll need 

  • Your favorite makeup brush cleanser
  • A cleansing jar and a towel for a solution-based cleanser
  • A cleaning mat if you have a shampoo-based cleanser

With solution-based cleansers:

Spray the solution-based cleaner directly onto your brushes and tidy away the brush with a towel. Repeat the process 2-3 times to accomplish a satisfying finish.

You can also take a small amount of solution in a cleansing jar and dip your brushes in it just below the ferrule and rub brushes against the towel to get product build-up out of your brushes.

With shampoo-based cleansers:

Wet your brushes with lukewarm water and squeeze some shampoo-based cleanser onto the brush bristles. Lather it up. Mildly massage the bristles against your palms in circular motions or use a textured cleaning mat. Next, rinse the brushes with water and pinch the strands to force the moisture out of the brushes. Set the brushes flat on the surface for drying.


The recommendation is to wash your everyday makeup brushes every two days. The duration can extend to no more than two weeks for makeup brushes that are not in your continuous use. There’s no way you can fail your limited-edition makeup brushes with pollution, clogged bristles, and tons of bacteria. Step up your makeup hygiene game with these 15 best makeup brush cleaners and transform your dirty brushes into diva quality ones.

Frequently Asked Questions on Makeup Brush Cleaners

How and where can I store my makeup brush cleaner?

To maintain all makeup cleaners’ optimal activity, they should be kept in dry, cold conditions and away from the reach of children. All products must be held in reserve at fire scenes because products may contain flammable naphtha. When traveling with makeup brush cleaners, make sure that they are safely packaged and don’t spill.

How to know the right time of buying a new makeup brush cleaner bottle?

The recommended time for a makeup brush cleaner is six months in which it works best. However, the compounds in the cleaner may lose their efficiency over time from constant exposure to the environment. If the cleaner starts to appear cloudy, this shows that it’s past the peak performance, and now is the time to replace your old bottle with a new one.

For a quick check, notice your brushes’ drying time; if your brushes are taking slightly longer to dry, consider buying a new bottle for best performance.

Do brushes require conditioning as a final step after being washed?

Your brushes may or may not require conditioning. But, most makeup brush cleaners have hydration properties that not only smooth the splayed bristles but add gloss to the brush.

Can makeup brush cleaners remove glue from my false eye-lashes?

The makeup brush cleaners’ elements do clear all the adhesives such; glues, latex, and other wax-based products. Powerful agents in the cleaner dissolve the glue and bring out neat and clean falsies.

My brushes have a chemical odor that doesn’t go away. How can I fix this?

Most cleaners have a sweet and citrusy perfume, but if you are not happy with the scent, you can always give your brushes a second rinse with your favorite scented shampoo. It will draw out any chemical-like-smell and produce a long-lasting fresh fragrance.

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