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10 Best Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers

Who doesn’t dream of having super-clean and soft brushes in their collection? DUH! Everyone does. However, people still suggest that cleaning brushes is a daunting task and takes hours to finish. But, one should reconsider washing them because if not washed up timely, these brushes can accumulate oils, dead skin cells, loads of dark eyeshadows, and bacteria, making your skin vulnerable to skin irritations and other sensitivities.

Putting the right effort in the right place may bring some significant results. For starters, the Makeup industry is forever indebted to the invention of Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer, a tool that completely clean and dry the brushes, saving your time and money!

Mevolic Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

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Are you struggling with washing and drying your makeup brushes, one after another, that can take forever? To get you out of this labor, Mevolic Brand has come up with a spin makeup brush cleaner tool that not only cleans but also dries your makeup brushes in seconds.

Convenient and close at hand:

This cool product uses a 360-degree spin technology to spin dirty makeup brushes in a bowl of soap and water to get every bit of the makeup product out.

By fast spinning the brushes in soap, the bristles open up and release the makeup product bristles into the water, leaving behind clean and ready to go brushes.

8 Different Size Attachments:

This portable makeup brush cleaner and dryer comes with eight rubber holders to fit 30mm, 24mm,19mm,15mm,11mm,9mm, 7mm, and 5mm sized brushes. These leather cases hold the tails of the brushes when brushes are dipped into the water, also attach them to the spindle that directs the brushes to spin.


Fill the brush spinner bowl with warm water and add a few drops of your favorite brush shampoo. Fit the brush collar with the tail of the brush you want to clean. Once the device is assembled, dip the brush in the bowl and turn ON the device. It only takes 10 seconds. It will open up the bristles and start cleansing them thoroughly.

For best results, move the brush up and down during spinning. After cleaning the brush, hold it for another 20 seconds to blow all the moisture out, and you are done! Enjoy clean and scrubbed brushes right away.

Package Includes:

The package includes a Brush Cleaner, a Brush Spindle, a Brush Spinner Bowl, a Splash Guard Ring to prevent water from spilling, 8 Rubber Holders to match most of the brush sizes, and a User Manual.

Lilumia 2 Makeup Brush Cleaner Device

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To make the best out of your makeup brushes, they must be cleaned regularly. While washing brushes manually underwater might be a daunting task, it requires tons of patients too.

Well, no more because Lilumia-2 has introduced a makeup brush cleaner that gives you super spotless brushes. It also saves the right proportion of your day by cleaning up to 12 brushes in a single go. A sigh of relief!

Chic Design:

It is one of the smart makeup cleaners, with its dome-shaped design; it cleans up to 12 brushes in a single wash. With an embedded textured disc inside, this electronic makeup cleaner deep cleans the brush fibers from its core. With the upgraded base design, dirt and loads of makeup get wiped real quick.

Elevated Performance:

In this best-selling Lilumia-2 make brush cleaner, a wash cycle is followed by three cycles of rinses, guaranteeing outright results. Within 15 minutes, this professional Hi-tech makes brush cleaner even lets mineral foundations and concealer layers off of the brushes.

Improved Brush-Life:

With this one time purchase, you can access lifelong sanitization. Brushes not only work better when cleaned but sustain for a more extended period.

Easy to function: Lilumia-2 makeup brush cleaner

takes no more than 1 minute to set up. Just pour your favorite brush shampoo in the machine, load the brushes, and press the power button. Relax as lilumia-2 makeup brush cleaner works its magic.

Multiple Color Options:

Available in 4 unique color options; Matte Black, Glossy Pink, Satin Gold, and Silver Chrome, it can be a cool match for your vanity.

Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer 

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In re-creating gorgeous makeup looks, trying out fun color combos, and playing with different makeup techniques, we have overlooked the fact that our makeup brushes need to break from the product build-up too.

Selene Brand has brought in a makeup brush cleaner and dryer that not only washes away the debris and dirt that is stuck fast inside but dries the brushes out as well. It can be easily carried everywhere, for its size is compatible with most makeup bags.

In-depth sanitization:

This product is manufactured by effectively identifying and evaluating the needs of all makeup enthusiasts. Selene’s makeup brush cleaner and dryer is competitive in removing any leftover remnants of makeup from brushes. It not only cleans the brushes extensively but also dries them to keep the risk of skin sensitivities from dirty brushes at bay.

Works for all brush sizes:

This package has thirteen different sized collars to match the maximum number of brush sizes, allowing elaborative reclamation. From large foundation brushes to the small detailing brushes, Selene’s makeup brush cleaner and dryer restore all of them. This product safely cleans 30mm, 24mm, 22mm, 20mm,18mm, 17mm, 15mm, 14mm, 12mm, 10mm, 7mm, 5mm, 3mm sized brushes.

Adjustable Speed:

This Hi-Tech beauty appliance has a triple-speed range; High, Medium, and Low speed. With adjustable speed ranges, a robust microflux engine gives you complete authority over the device so you can set the pace according to your preference.


To get the ideal results, pour warm water in the plastic bowl, add soap, and stir it. Take the brush collar of the size of a brush you want to wash and adjust it to the spindle. Push the ON button and select the preferred speed for 20 seconds. A spin motion will clean the brush fibers from the interior.

Lift the brush above water and hold it still for 10 seconds until all the water leaks out of the brush. You can shape the brushes with your fingers then.

Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Purchasing new makeup brushes every three months is a luxury; not every one of us can afford it. Fortunately, Luxe Brand has thought up of an invention that is an absolute game changer-Luxe makeup brush cleaner and dryer. A revolutionized electric makeup brush cleaner that elevates the quality and adds a new life to worn out brushes by washing and cleaning within seconds.

So, you can master the art of makeup by starting with clean and clear brushes.

Quality Defining Attributes:

A USB rechargeable dock at one end keeps you out the trouble replacing batteries in every other go. The LED power button on the front face of this cleaning tool keeps you informed about the charging status. Eight sizes of makeup brush collars to match various brushes sizes is a BONUS!

Instant Drying:

Drying washed up brushes is a painful task and can make you lose patience. All brushes do not share the same drying time; depending on the density of the bristles, high-density brushes may take up to 2 days to dry completely. But with Luxe makeup brush cleaner and dryer will reduce the drying time to 20 seconds (30 seconds for dense brushes).

Deal Box:

 This package includes several items to make your experience effortless and easy going. It has a Brush Spinner, a Charging Station to charge the device, Eight Rubber Collars, a Glass Bowl, Bowl Splash Guard Ring, a Manual, and a free 140ml bottle of the Luxe makeup Cleaning solution gift.

Best way to use the Luxe makeup brush cleaner and dryer:

Add a small amount of baby shampoo or dishwasher soap to a glass bowl quarter filled with water. For tough non-soluble makeups, you can use the Luxe makeup Cleaning solution. Next, find the rubber collar that best fits your brush and Inserts the brush tightly onto the collar and then onto the brush spinner. Dunk the brush into the liquid while gently pressing the bristles to the bowl for incredible results. After 20 seconds, gradually lift the brush out of the water and spin dry.

Kleem Organics’ Makeup Brush cleaner and a dryer

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Ever skipped one of the most important jobs of cleaning your makeup essentials and tools just because it takes a lot of time, and the job is too messy to do? Stay put because we have got you covered.

Sanitization of makeup brushes is as crucial as any other element in your makeup regimen. Kleem Organics’ Makeup Brush cleaner and a dryer is your best chance at excelling in what you do.

Effective Product Design:

Designed, keeping in mind the latest trends, this makeup brush and cleaner and dryer paints the picture of elegance and class. Sleek combo of lustrous black and mauve, this 5-inch handy cleaner and perfect sized glass bowl takes makeup brush cleaning to a whole new level.

Free makeup brush cleaning shampoo:

Kleem Organics’ free $12 cleaning makeup brush cleaning shampoo adds more value to the overall package. This laboratory proven cleaning shampoo effectively cleans the brushes covered in stubborn dark eyeshadows, reviving the brushes from eternal rest.

Significant Results:

Great results pop out when you use quality brushes, but oils, impurities, and makeup can ruin your chance at being perfect. It fast cleans and dries the brushes with its fast spin; 100 rotations per second. Only three steps and your brushes are fresh as new-simply Fit, Spin & Dry.

Package Includes:

This 12 piece set includes a Splash Proof Cleaning Bowl, a Portable Brush Spinner Spindle, a Collar Stand Holder, and a User Manual. The leather collars are well suited for 30 mm, 24 mm, 19 mm, 15 mm, 11 mm, and 9 mm brushes.

Perfect Gift Choice:

Help your friends, family, and partners extend the life of their favorite makeup brushes with this exclusive formula.

Edook Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer 

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One cannot keep up with the ever-changing beauty trends, but some beauty trends deserve more hype than the other.

However, for keeping makeup essentials as good as new, makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists are always finding better alternatives. Edook’s makeup brush cleaner and dryer have all the qualities to set you free from manual labor that goes into scrubbing your brushes one by one.

Free Gift:

With every purchase of Edook’s makeup brush cleaner and dryer, you get a free sponge! It has good material density and absorbs less makeup product-a match made in heaven.

Cruelty-free product:

This successfully cleans all types of emulsifiers, thickeners, moisturizers, colors, and fragrances that make up the cosmetic products. From dense kabuki foundation brushes to soft and fluttery blush brushes, it purifies a wide range of brushes.

Elegant Package:

This Product that weighs 0.82lb includes a brush spinner, a brush spinner bowl, a bowl splash guard ring, a collar stand holder, eight flexible brush collars, and a user manual. A travel pouch also comes with this package that secures your device on long trips.

How to Use:

It is as easy as pie, pour 1/3 of the water in a brush spinner bowl, along with some makeup brush fluid. Adjust the brush spinner with a collar-attached makeup brush. Immerse the makeup brush in soapy water just below the ferrule. Use up and down hand movements to expose every angle of the brush to soap. Finally, after 5-10 seconds, lift the brush and hold for another 10 seconds to spin-dry it.

Senbowe Upgraded Makeup Brush Cleaner

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All the ultimate guides to makeup brushes out there may incite you to buy some not-so-budget friendly makeup brushes.

If you are on a budget, this trick is for you. A smart move would be to invest in a good makeup brush cleaner and dryer for once and upgrade your current collection to glossy and blotch-free makeup brushes. You can save a lot by doing this.

We recommend using Senbowe Brand’s makeup brush cleaner and dryer, a simple yet excellent tool to get past the entire manual silicon mat washing struggle.

Guaranteed Deep Cleansing:

For bringing the luster and volume back into the brush, Senbowe’s makeup brush cleaner and dryer use a stable rotation motion that removes all the dirt and makeup without splaying out the bristles, saving you time and money!

Splash & Hassle-Free:

Manual washing of the brushes under the tap is a messy job. With a no-mess design, Senbowe’s makeup brush cleaner and dryer prevents water from splashing and keeps the countertop clean.

Safe & Premium Material:

Made from cruelty-free, non-toxic, and waterproof materials, it exercises longevity and durability.

Futuristic Design:

Featuring a transparent and professional design, it delivers clean and soft brushes in just 30 seconds. Its high power and automatic model gives 100% clean makeup brushes every time. The highlights of the tool are; one comfortable switch for operating dual modes; clean and dry, smart action, and insulation from excessive vibrations.

Mymahdi makeup brush cleaner and dryer

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A lot of detailing and precision goes into the making of a makeup brush. From selecting the type of brush hair to the length and density of bristles, everything about a brush is notably designed to meet your makeup application needs.

Taking care of these well-made makeup brushes is an absolute necessity. Brand Mymahdi’s new and approved makeup brush cleaner and dryer machine can help you flourish your brushes.

Better Makeup Application:

Brushes that have old makeup, debris, dead skin, and oils caked onto them will make you look dull and bland. After using makeup brush cleaner and dryer, makeup brushes feel brand new, and the makeup application experience gets better ten folds.

Personal Hygiene:

Dirty makeup brushes pose a severe threat to the skin, such as clogged pore, itchiness, and redness. To elevate the levels of your hygiene, try using Mymahdi’s makeup brush cleaner and dryer. Not only do the brushes come out ultra-soft, but super clean as well.

Black is Better:

The glistening combo of black and gold adds striking beauty to your makeup vanity.

Mess-Free Practice:

The practice of washing your makeup collection is mess-free.  All you need is to insert your brush in its matching rubber attachment, and then join it to the electric spinner. Add 2 AAA batteries in the machine. Pour water and cleaning fluid in a given bowl and submerge the tool in it. Press the power button and DONE! Brushes come out clean and dry.

Unique Rubber Collar Base:

From thick face powder brushes to the highlighter brushes ones, Mymahdi’s makeup brush cleaner and dryer cover most types of brushes. Liberty to choose from eight different (from 30mm to 3mm) collar sizes to fit in your brushes is undeniable.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Spinner

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Finding a quality brush that you rate 5-star is a very big deal.

If you have quality brushes at hand, you need to make sure they are clean and dirt-free for lush and hinder-free makeup application. Visagisto Brand has launched a makeup brush cleaner and dryer that does both the jobs for you.

Value Bundle:

You need to consider buying this 11.22 ounces bundle that comes with a makeup cleaner and dryer device, a bowl with a splash guard ring, and eight rubber brush collars. This is not just it. To support the collars and machine, it also includes a durable stand, a USB-cable, and last, a user manual to assist you in device operation.

Build-In Rechargeable Battery:

This rechargeable device liberates you from the side purchases, such as AAA batteries. The device has a built-in LED that indicates the charging level of the device. Connect the provided USB-cable to any adapter available and charge the device before it’s using it and enjoy uninterrupted service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can get a quick refund for your device if it doesn’t make you happy, and a 90-day product warranty assures fast replacement if the product has a defect.

Great Gift Idea:

If you are running short on gift ideas, this is your best bet. Gift-wrap it and present it to your friends and family.

Universal Fit & Easy to Use:

The power button at the brush end, the grip of the collars, and ergonomic horizontal handle for an easy & comfortable grip make the experience worthwhile. Its elegant design is easy to go with.

Liberex Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

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Who loves clogged pores and acne-prone skin? No-one, Right! While most women are guilty of complaining about recurring skin issues, one cannot deny the fact that women do not wash brushes as often as they should.

The tiresome job of washing brushes twice a week to clean dirty brushes stained with sebum, bacteria, and dust-major detriments of clogged pores-gets easy with Liberex’s automatic makeup brush cleaner and dryer.

Powerful Motor:

This device features a powerful rotating motor with a 360-degree bi-directional rotation mode. Spinning in both the clock and anti-clockwise directions allows deep cleaning of your makeup brushes and the elimination of harmful and odor-producing bacteria.

Rechargeable Battery:

The rechargeable battery gives you complete control over your device. The USB-charging cable can be connected to your Laptops, mobile phones, and adapters. The capacity of the built-in lithium battery is 800 mAh that means a 2-hour charging can last you a good number of days.

Positive Environmental Impact:

An environment-friendly PET bowl can be recycled numerous times. The PET requires less energy to get converted into an equivalent, and thus fewer greenhouse gases emit in the process, making a positive impact on the environment.

Sturdy collars:

The device has more durable silicone brush collars to fit eight different sized brushes from your collection. Collars are flexible, elastic, and soft on makeup handles. The collar stand allows complete security for your collars.

Value Box:

This 14.39 ounces package includes a Brush Spinner, a Trapezoidal shaped PET Bowl, a Collar Holder, a USB Charging Cable, Eight Rubber Collars, a Splash Guard Ring to stop water from splashing, and a User Manual.


Like ourselves, our makeup brushes to need a break from layers of foundation, waxy products, dead skin cells, dirt, and loads of bacteria. Every time we lay our hands on these jammed brushes, we are risking our hygiene. We say that it’s serious!

For that matter, an average cleaning won’t be sufficient; makeup brushes need a more potent way to get the complete jerk out and produce clean and soft brushes. Our best bet to prevent an uninvited pimple is the use the makeup brush cleaner and dryer tools that provide you with an in-depth sanitization in seconds. Not only does it save you from the hours of manual labor, but it leaves you with lush and voluminous makeup brushes every time.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Does the brush thin out after repeated cycles of makeup brush cleaner and dryer?

Answer: No, they don’t. The design of the makeup brush cleaner and dryer is safe and gentle on the brushes; planned to extend the life of brushes. With a minimum exposure time of only 20-30 seconds, brushes come out clean with preserved quality and enhanced longevity. Makeup brush cleaner and dryer extends the life of makeup brushes, keeping your skin healthy for a longer time.

Do the makeup brush cleaner and dryer save time as compared to silicone cleaning pads?

Answer: Traditional brush washing technique of using silicone cleaning pads is rigorous and time-consuming. Not only does it affect your overall brush quality, but it consumes more brush washing shampoo or soap than electric makeup brush cleaner and dryers.  Try out electric makeup brush cleaner and dryer that takes only 30 seconds maximum to clean and dry your brushes now.

What type of brushes can be cleaned by an electric makeup brush cleaner and dryer?

Answer: It covers a wide range of makeup brushes. Diversified sizes of brush collars in a package that match the dimensions of light and dense brushes, automatically restore them to like-new condition, such as makeup brushes for eye, face, contour, foundation, and highlight.

How many times should I clean my brushes per week?

Answer: We would suggest that if you’re a makeup artist, clean them every single day to avoid chances of infection from one person to another. Otherwise, clean your brushes once or twice a week to get the best makeup application results and unblemished skin.

Is the makeup brush cleaner and dryer a cruelty-free product?

Answer: Absolutely, we are against testing on animals. Thus all the products are cruelty-free. Exclusive of any harmful chemicals and low-grade materials, only non-toxic, durable, and environment-friendly material goes into the making of professional makeup brush cleaner and dryer.

My densely packed brushes typically take two days to dry. How much time does automatic makeup brush cleaner and dryer take to dry dense foundation brushes?           

Answer: Air-Drying brushes can take up to two days, which is frustrating on another level. With automatic makeup brush cleaner and dryer, even the densely packed brushes may take only 20 seconds to dry. Yes, you heard it right, only 20 seconds.

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